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Rabbit satay is a satay food that can often be found in cool climates. Restaurants around Tawangmangu also usually serve rabbit satay as a mainstay menu.

Tawangmangu, with its location on the slopes of Mount Lawu, has become a tourist attraction in the border area between Central Java and East Java. Various restaurants and eateries are lined up along the mountainside roads serving a variety of culinary delights complete with beautiful views.




Tawangmangu rabbit satay is generally served with peanut sauce with chopped shallots and cabbage, just like Ambal satay in Kebumen. The taste is similar to chicken but the texture feels softer. After eating rabbit satay it has a warming effect on the body. The spices used in preparing Tawangmangu rabbit satay include garlic, coriander, cooking oil, peanuts, sweet soy sauce, and salt.

Why are Rabbits Used for Satay?

People around the Tawangmangu area prefer to make satay with rabbit meat rather than chicken because rabbits are easy to breed, especially in highland and mountain areas. This makes the availability of rabbits so abundant that people process them into satay dishes.

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