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Telaga Sarangan or also known as Telaga Pasir is a lake or lake that is formed naturally. Located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, Magetan Regency, East Java Province, this lake is at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level with a distance of 16 km to the center of Magetan city.


Sarangan Lake has an area of 30 hectares with a depth of 28 meters. Because it is in a mountainous area, the air in this lake is quite cold with a temperature range of between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.


Sarangan Lake has long been a tourist attraction offering various activities such as horse riding around the lake for children and speedboat rentals at a price of around 80 thousand rupiah per individual. Lodgings and souvenir shops are lined up around the lake with beautiful views of the hills on the slopes of Mount Lawu.



Telaga Sarangan has several important annual event calendars, namely offering offerings on Friday Pon in the month of Ruwah, school holidays in the middle of the year, Ledug Sura 1 Muharram, and fireworks parties on New Year's Eve.


Apart from the direction of Magetan or East Java, the trip to the Telaga Sarangan location can also be taken from the direction of Yogyakarta via Klaten then turning towards Sukoharjo and Tawangmangu with a journey time of around two hours from the city of Klaten.

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